Review: Spice Alley, Sydney

Since we moved to Australia, we discovered to its greater extent Asian food.

I was never raised with Asian food, we were quite a traditional French food family so was boyfriend in Ireland.

I had started appreciating Asian – especially Japanese and Thai, when moving to England and then Ireland where over the last few years we started seeing some decent restaurants.

However, the move to Australia offered a melting pot of food cultures and Asian food.

Now, we were wandering around Sydney, playing the tourists and getting lost when we stumbled across Spice Alley.

Spice Alley is hidden behind Central on Kensington St. It’s an alley dedicated to Asian food with stalls from all countries. The setting is actual pretty cool and unusual, random tables and chairs, access to small dedicated houses if it’s raining.

We went there after work at 5:30pm before going rock climbing (I’ll have to do a post about rock climbing, we absolutely love it!) and so the place was fairly quiet.

We got some dim sum, a duck green curry and a peanut curry. I did not take any picture for the simple reason that it did not look great and the taste was fairly disappointing. I would qualify Spice Alley as a fast-food alley, where if you’re in a hurry and fancy some cheap Asian food then, you’re sorted.

I had been dining at Mr Wong for a work function the week before which had completely blown my mind away, so Spice Alley did not impress after!

Not my favourite nor boyfriend’s but a good place to know if you are looking for something different and cheap.



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