A hike In Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

Or a walk I should say. We’ve been doing more bushwalking than hiking since we’ve arrived in Australia.

One national park that we hadn’t yet explored was Ku-Ring-Gai Chase in the north of Sydney.

We like doing loops and having an average time of 3 to 4 hours for the trail so we looked at websites like Wildwalks and Bushwalking. My favourite however still remains National Parks.

We decided to do the Wallaroo loop – which we discovered (we hadn’t check the national park map that time) ended up being a return trail.

We parked at the Salvation Creek picnic spot and heading towards the Salvation Creek loop track. Now one thing, keep your eyes open for the signs!!!!!

Bushwalking as it says is full of bushes and half of the signs were well hidden. The walk is a maintenance track for a good while but then enters the bush and gives you amazing views of the Cowan Waters.

You then reach a plateau and got fantastic overview of the National Park.


The Wallaroo Track leads you to a rocky point of view from which you can observe Cowan Creek and Castle Bay.



The most interesting part of the trail was actually when we were walking (after getting annoyed at not realising it was a trail and not a loop!). Boyfriend was powering up in front when I spotted thanks to the sun reflection the biggest spider web I had ever seen. We were so keen on seeing wild life!


I believe this is a Gold Orb Weaver but correct me if I’m wrong!

After a quick picnic, we decided to head to the West Head lookout and enjoy the view of the coast and Palm beach. There was a wedding taking place, so not many pictures possible unfortunately, it doesn’t give it justice.


Enjoy Ku-Ring-Gai – we shall go back for more walks soon.


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