A Weekend in Noosa

After the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s (which we spent in Barangaroo to watch the fireworks), we were lucky to have family visiting from Ireland. I must admit that seeing family after our first 6 months away, was something quite special.

We decided to all meet in Noosa before spending a week together in Sydney afterwards. Having been to North Queensland, we were fairly excited to discover a new part of QLD.

We had rented a villa in Noosa Heads (we were 6 – perfect deal to rent a villa!).  Our way to Noosa was a bit of an adventure, our flight to Sunshine Coast Airport having been cancelled, we got lucky to get a flight to Brisbane and then a 1.5h bus drive to Maroochydore and then finally being picked to go to Noosa. Needless to say, our first evening in Noosa was just enjoying a cold beer and heading straight to bed!

On our first full day there, we enjoyed the sunshine of the beautiful beach and strolled around the main street.

IMG_20160111_090650 IMG-20160112-WA0024


Boyfriend was feeling pretty sick – so we headed back to the house and played as kids do in the swimming pool.

We were recommended to check out Rainbow Beach (we did not make it to Fraser Island, too far of a drive) and do this Kayak tour to watch the dolphins. The beach is absolutely gorgeous and get its name from the different colors of its sand.

IMG_20160109_121647 IMG_20160109_122848 IMG_20160109_121719

We came across thousands of crabs on the beach, the soldier crabs, thousands of them! The funny thing is that dig in the sand in a corkscrew motion.

The kayak trip was amazing, refreshing, looking at some amazing long waves, Double Island point… but where were the dolphins? We unluckily did not see them, our friends saw their fins!



We drove back to Noosa (taking the motorway, we had taken the small back roads prior, I do not recommend it! But you can actually drive the whole bay on the beach if you have a 4WD) to go a sunset cruise.

IMG-20160112-WA0030 IMG-20160112-WA0005

Noosa By Night
Noosa By Night

Finally, we lazily drove to a fantastic view point up the road we were staying before our last few moments on the beach.



But what about the food?!?! We ate A LOT during this weekend, so a separate post will be coming shortly 🙂





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