Review: Square Peg Cafe

So it happens, I was meant to cook lunch while boyfriend was in work, but it was one of these days where all my energy was non existent.

The compromise was that I invited him for lunch in the Square Peg, a little cafe where we had been once and quite enjoyed.

The Square Peg is in Coogee, at the corner of Arden Street and Carr St, 2 seconds from the beach. It’s a retro type cafe with specials changing every day and a nice selection of “usual” breakfasts.

The tables are laid out outside on the pavement, as two long table, cantine style. If you’re in for a discreet, romantic breakie, not the place to go!

We ordered:

  • Avo, red cherry tomatoes, fresh goat cheese, basil and grounded black pepper toasts
  • Egg, bacon and avo roll
  • Large flat white and fresh orange juice

The two plates were really tasty. I absolutely love goat cheese, and this one was gorgeous. I’ve had better flat whites (Gusto in Coogee is amazing).

9/10 – definitely recommend!

Enjoy 🙂


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