Review: Skara Bar & Restaurant

Boyfriend and I went to Skara Bar and restaurant a few weeks back, a modern Greek restaurant in the Spot in Randwick.

I had already been there for a girls’ dinner and really enjoyed it.

We went there for dinner, it was a fairly quiet evening. We are off drinking for December, so no opinion on their wine, only the food!

Here is what we ordered for tasters:

  • Zucchini Flower
  • Scallop and Chorizo

We sort of wanted to share the starter, but the waiter had warned us of the size of the portion and he was right! They are tasters and so sharing is impossible.

The zucchini flower was stuffed with goat cheese and battered. I’m not a big fan of batter so I liked it but not loved it.

Boyfriend really enjoyed the scallop (one) and chorizo.

Here is what we ordered for main:

  • Chicken shawarma (pictured)
  • Lamb shawarma

I had already ordered this last time and really loved it. Boyfriend got the lamb one. Unfortunately, the lamb was quite hard to chew and the taste did not have as much flavour as the chicken dish. He said he’d go for the chicken if we were to go back.


The portions are really generous so it’s quite filling.

On top of being off alcohol, we are also off sweets so no dessert!

All in all, I enjoyed it a lot, boyfriend a bit less based on his dish. Really good service and location, so worth a try.




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