First Christmas in Australia… so far

It’s going to be our first Christmas in Australia…

For 27 years, starting in November, I’d be wrapped in your warm clothes – boots, snowflakes scarf and hat and my red coat, tradition! – going around town, prepping Christmas.

Preparing Christmas is a tradition whereby you run all over the shops – well Santa does right?! – you drink mulled wine, you buy your Christmas tree first weekend of December, you have Christmas lunches, candles etc

Here is what it’d look like

Christmas in Australia, it’s a different story, so we find it.

The fact that it’s summer and you’re wearing shorts and dresses more than scarf and gloves, does not help make you think about Christmas when you’ve been raised in the cold winter traditions.

The stores are being decorated, but to such a lesser extent than in Europe, and in all fairness, it’s bright until 8:30pm so you don’t see much of them!

Most expats would be going home at Christmas, which means you’ll most likely end up spending Christmas drinking juices (or beer) and eating BBQ by the beach.

So, here we are, mid December, trying to find any Christmas decorations for our little apartment as we will be staying in Australia for the holidays.

A bit of a fail, but we are proud anyway 😀

Homemade, DIY, cheap but cheerful – just what we needed!

We are uncomfortably excited about Christmas, not sure what to expect but hoping for some sunshine and good seafood!

We’ll keep you posted…




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