Homemade Hummus

Since we moved to Australia, we keep eating hummus. I’m not sure the reason for this sudden interest in hummus but I would guess it’s the whole “good food” attitude here in Sydney.
With eating easily one pack of hummus a week (minimum), I decided to start making my own hummus.

So here is a really easy recipe that should be enough for a 4 people dinner or a week for a couple 🙂

400g of canned chickpeas (keep the juice and a few chickpeas for decoration if you like)
4 tsp of tahini
Juice of a lemon
Salt, olive oil (about 6 tsp), paprika, garlic (optional)

In your food processor, add the garlic (crushed), the chickpeas, the tahini, lemon and salt.

Start mixing.

Add the olive oil and some of juice as it mix. You’ll see the mixture becoming smooth. When ready, add a bit of oil and the paprika and chickpeas.

Below my version, I was as proud as Zorro!



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